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Children Around the World

Thank you for helping us to make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of children, especially in Africa.

This has been our year to remain "steadfast in the storm", always true to our mission.

And that makes me grateful for the caring people who understand the challenges around our world. I'm talking about people just like you, who grasp the life-and-death situations overseas and reach out so generously to work with us.

Here are just a few projects we have accomplished this year, with your help.

1. WER's hand water pumps near Goya, Liberia continue to provide hundreds of families with safe water for drinking and cooking. Life is now healthier for everyone.

2. WER sent $8,037,000 of antibiotics and other medicines to hospitals and clinics across Honduras.

3. WER shipped over $12,000,000 of medicine, including lifesaving antibiotics and malaria medicines to Liberia, Malawi and Cameroon.

4. WER responded to tornado and hurricane disasters in Kentucky, West Virginia and Louisiana. Their losses were massive and we worked hard to make sure these victims knew WER donors wanted to extend a helping hand.

5. WER shipped over 1,600,000 meals of dehydrated soup to starving children around South Africa. Famine in Africa continues to take lives; we must continue to respond.

Normally I'd write to you about a particular situation and how we plan to help. This time I've focused on what your gifts have already accomplished and how your continued support will make a difference in the lives of children worldwide. Please read further…

What's next…???

Every year since 1985, WER has dedicated a high percentage of our total donations to helping children, families and disaster victims around the world. In our most recent fiscal year, WER used 96.8% for program expenses.

We work hard every year to be a good steward of your donations.

Right now WER is renewing our partnership with an orphanage in Kaziba, DR Congo.

• If we can collect an extra $1,500 for the next 3 months, the 75 orphans will be fed as will dozens of hungry street children who have nowhere else to turn.

Everything we accomplish is because of people such as you: hard-working people who understand both the value and limits of money.

I hope you can give a "sacrificial level" gift to help continue this feeding program, whether your sacrificial level is $5, $100, or more.

Each gift you send is a building block. Working together, the results can be amazing for orphans, children, families and the elderly overseas…where even a bottle of water or a simple Band-Aid is a treasure to be guarded.

We are in the trenches working for you, the children and families. I hope you'll be there with us both in spirit and support by sending your gift today.

Yours for children everywhere,

Kristy Scott

Kristy Scott
Chief Executive Officer

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